What is an eBicycle?

NZTA defines an eBike as a "power assisted cycle" which "has an auxiliary electric motor with a maximum power not exceeding 300W and is designed to be primarily propelled by the muscular energy of the rider" [Source]
This means that the riders own muscular energy is an integral part of an intelligent hybrid propulsion system providing measured exercise as well as boosting your ability to see more, do more, and go further - faster.

The rules for standard bicycles apply to power assisted cycles (eBikes).


Why Become an eBiker?

It makes sense to join the 180 million folk on our planet who own an eBike! In doing so, you will improve your health and certainly lower your carbon footprint! A "win win" outcome!

With this in mind, it also couldn't be a better time to buy and eBike from us and enjoy our amazing NZ Cycleways and wine trails! The good news is that NZ Cycleways projects have just received another boost $330 million for us to get out and enjoy our beautiful country!

Our ebikes are amazing for commuting to work in casual clothes .....not arriving all sweaty! They are also fantastic for touring, socialising and simply towning around!. When riding our ebikes, you become part of a hybrid clean green electric  propulsion system where you decide on the level of power assisted pedalling you require. Our eBikes are great for measured degrees of exercise, getting fit and healthy with no lycra needed!  Alternatively, you can discover the "eBike glide" and arrive at your destination invigorated  with an amazing "eBike smile" on your face!

Research shows that eBike owners use their bikes 4 times more that folk who own standard bikes.

Mind barriers and excuses leading to cycling avoidance, such as wind, hills, or concerns about aggravating old injuries or physical limitations or concerns that you may over exert yourself  or hold fellow riders up - ALL of these reason - evaporate when riding our eBikes!

At only 11 cents and 4hrs to fully charge, our batteries provide you with 60-80 km's of power assisted pedalling between 20 and 30 kph up hills and into the wind!  

Why Buy an eBike from Electric Bikes Palmerston North?

Electric Bikes Palmerston North is your exclusive agent for Smartmotion, Pedego, Haibike, Magnum, Kreidler, and Bottecchia eBikes. Our reputation is built on going the extra mile with SALES, HIRE and SERVICE. We dont just give you a bike to try out in the car park. Before you buy, we give you one of our hire bikes to go out and experience what eBiking is like - try before you buy! We also have a bike pick up and return service to collect your eBikes from you home to ensure your Smartmotion eBike is well maintained

Electric Bikes Palmerston North also works in close collaboration with TrikesNZ Levin. No company in NZ surpasses TrikesNZ's 26 years technical expertise, servicing and back up.

We encourage you to become part of the Electric Bikes Palmerston North story. Visit us or give us a call!

P.S. If you are still curious about what eBikes are and what they offer, please watch this short video from our colleagues in the USA

The Benefits of eBikes

    • Provide a cheap and realistic alternative to motor cars and public transport in many situations. For example, commuting, social outings, wine and rail trail excursions and long distance touring.
    • Attract people back to cycling and exercise. eBikes help people overcome doubts about their physical abilities and become more physically active.
    • Energize people of all ages towards achieving cheap, clean, green healthy forms of living.
    • Allow existing cyclists to continue cycling despite age, health and enabling cyclists to continue riding with groups of more able friends.
    • Make cycling easier in hilly and windy areas. Pedaling up hills on an eBike requires similar effort to riding on the flat. Pedaling into the wind is like riding with the wind!
    • In multilane urban roads, eBikes can be ridden at a speed closer to that of motor vehicles, making for safer maneuvering.

Mid Drive eBikes?

•    Have the electric assist motor down on the crank (in between the pedals)

•    Mid drive e-Bikes provide a more “authentic” ride feel. Press on the pedals and the bike will give you the power of an Olympic cyclist.

•    They are very efficient with their energy use. This means they will give you a range of up to 100kms.

•    Mid- drives are excellent when climbing hills and riding into the wind.

•    Most mid drives are produced for European and Australian standards – meaning they are restricted to 25kph and have a 250 W motor.

•    Mid drives are more expensive than (front or rear) hub drive  e-Bikes. Expect to pay more for a Mid drive ie at least $700 more

•    Our Mid drive e-Bikes are powered Global top performers - Bosch, Yamaha, Brose & Bafang

Hub Drive eBikes?

•    Have their electric assist motor in the Hub front or rear wheel.

•    Hub drive e-Bikes provide a “zippy” ride feel. Simply turn the pedals and the bike will sense you are pedaling and give you a noticeable nudge and boost to zip along

•    Most Hub drive e-Bikes will give you a range of up to 60 kms.

•    Hub drive e-Bikes  are excellent for commuting and touring. They can zip along at up to 38kph They are great for climbing hills and riding into the wind. No more getting all sweaty when commuting to work

•    Hub-drives are produced for NZ USA standards – meaning they usually have a more powerful 300w motor – which are great for NZ conditions and terrain.

•    Hub drive e-bikes are more popular that Mid drive bikes. They are faster and less expensive. For a reputable and reliable Hub- drive, expect to pay $2,499 or more


Electric Bikes Palmerston North Customer Comments about their eBikes

  • These guys are ‘bringing the bike back’. Awesome!
  • We get out so much more together on our eBikes!
  • Upright, classy, smooth, and versatile!
  • We see more, discover more and travel further, faster!
  • My eCity flattens hills and eliminates headwinds.
  • Love the ‘eBike Glide’ and ‘eBike Smile!’
  • I no longer worry about falling behind or holding others up.
  • It’s clean, green, economical, and environmentally friendly!
  • The bike’s energy is there for you.
  • Now, wherever I go - my eCity goes!
  • Love leaving my car in the garage!


How far can I get on one charge?

The range of electric bikes can vary, but most riders are able achieve 30 to 40km per charge. One of the main factors in determining how far you can travel on a single charge is how much assistance you provide. Obviously, the more pedaling you do, the less strain on the battery and the more range you’ll achieve. Keep in mind, ‘pedal-assist’ bikes have higher ratings and achieve more range than throttle-controlled bikes because the rider is required to pedal at all times.Another factor that can have a big impact is terrain. If you live in a hilly area or have lots of steep inclines – expect less range from your e-bike. Larger riders or people carrying heavy loads can also expect reduced output.Battery capacity is measured in Watt Hours, as a rough guide 100 watt hours will give you 10km of riding. A 36v15ah battery gives you (36×15=) 540 Watt Hours, so you could expect around 50km of assisted range.

Does pedalling charge the battery?

It is possible with systems with regenerative breaking to charge the battery while pedalling. It's actually really hard to pedal to produce enough power to charge the battery. It's much more efficient and cheaper to plug your bike in a charge it, than to use pedal power. 20c of electricity would be about $20 worth of food if you were to pedal!

How long will the battery last?

Battery life will vary depending on the type of battery you choose and how well you maintain it. Typically, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries last anywhere from 700-1000 charges. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries around 2000 to 3000 charges.To extend the life of your battery, charge the battery regularly and promptly after each use. NEVER LEAVE YOUR BATTERY FLAT! The longer a battery sits uncharged, the faster the life will be reduced. Fully charge and unplug your battery from the bike before you go on holiday or put the bike in storage. Charge the battery every 2 months even if you are not using it..

What if my e-Bicycle breaks down or has a flat tyre?

No problem! Just call 0800 Ezy Rider 0800 399 743 and one of our team will come and help you! In most cases we will simply bring a replacement e-bicycle out to you so that you can continue enjoying your journey. If we are unable to so this you will get a full refund and a voucher for your original hireage free for next time!

Please note that if the call out is due to a flat battery, the charge is $20 call ouf for every 15 minutes travelled ( See the hireage agreement)

I / we would like to do something different, involving a out of town drop off or pickup. Can you help?

Yes of course! By prior arrangemnt we can take or pick up your / your group – up to five E-cyclists (it is abit of a squeeze!) The minimum call out rate is $60 –up to 20ish ks away from home. It is $100 30kms to 50ks away from home! After hours Late pick ups – eg after eyou have had an evening meal are considered on a case by case basis, Unfortunately the pick up fee is more expensive by 50%.

Can I take my eBike on the beach?

Quite simply.... Nope. Our e- Cycles are not off road mountain bikes. Salt and sand would seriously affect an e-cycle. Please avoid this and the liabiities you would have to cover if you choose to do this. (see your hireage agreement)

Do I need a license, registration for an electric bike?

No :-) As long as the motor is rated below 300w, your electric bike is legally still a bicycle. But do beware of cheap electric bikes... many have bicycle components that do not comply with as:nz 1927:1998 safety standards.. We have tested many brands and had a few near misses with faulty brakes, etc... on one cheap ebike test the brake levers actually broke off down a steep hill!!! Ouch!!

Does the battery recharge going down hills?

Our Pedego and SmartMotion electric Bikes do not have regenerative charging. I researched this in depth and came to the conclusion it was better to go for a high capacity lithium battery and a motor with an internal freewheel... This means you have plenty of capacity (up to 80km range) and a motor that does not drag when not in use... so yourelectric bike still rides like a normal bike down hills or freewheeling, or motor off.

The amount of resistance you need to create any useful amount of charging is quite high... instead of whizzing down a hill like on a normal bike, you crawl down at 10kph... and might only get an extra 500m of range!

If you think, on a normal bike ride, how often do you have the brakes on for more that a touch? How often would you have your brakes firmly on for 5 minutes solid? Never! Regen charging works well on heavy vehicles that stop and start a lot... like buses, rubbish trucks... but it is a gimic on bikes. Research proved regen braking, on average, only added 4% to range, and possibly shortened lifespan of battery due to overcharging issues if a full battery received a downhilll run.

Does the motor slow me down when not in use?

Not in our Pedego and SmartMotion electric bikes. Our brushless motors have an internal freewheel so the motor is stationary when not powered. This means when you are not using the motor, there is no resistance from it... your bike performs exactly as a bike, as there is no extra friction.
In some other eBikes in NZ there is no freewheel, so friction builds once you are over about 20kph... trust me, even a brushless motor has a lot of friction if there is no freewheel... going down a steep hill the planetary gears are screaming.

Is there any way to secure or lock the battery when I leave my electric bike parked or do I have to take it with me?

On our eBikes the battery is key-locked onto the bike frame and is totally secure. Naturally you still have the choice to unlock it and take the Battery Pack with you.

Can the bicycle be ridden with just pedal power?

Yes. The choice is yours - battery power, pedal power or a combination of both. The latter actually achieves the best results; just bring in the power when you need it... hills, head wind, late for work, want to pass that lycred up speedster just to peeve him off!. Oue ebikes also ride beautifully with the power turned off... No resistance from the motor, combined with top-end bicycle components make for a superb ride, unlike many of the cheap ebikes I have tested that rode like a dog! Substandard brakes... rattles... unbalanced wheels... incorect ride geometries and gutless too

When should I re-charge batteries?

The battery can be charged after every ride, or when it is flat. Lithium batteries don't discharge much at all over time. And small charges are fine too. No need to fully discharge before each charge... Lithium batteries actually prefer shallow discharge, so top up charging after each use is a good habit to get into.

How long does it take to re-charge the batteries?

This depends on what of our products you purchase, as the battery sizes vary. Normally between 4-7 hours to charge.

How far will the bicycle travel between re-charges?

Our SmartMotion electric bikes will get up to 60km of pedalassisted biking (@22-25kph) per charge from the 36v10ah battery! This is more than other ebike brands with 12ah batteries, due to our higehr quality geared motors. Of course, if you go faster, or the terrain is hilly, your range will lessen. Our Pedego Commuters have been known to do over 100km in level 2 assistance from the 36v15.4ah battery!

How does the energy used by a bicycle compare to a car?

An electric bicycle uses approximately 0.03MJ per KM. By comparison, an average car (10l/100km) uses 3.3MJ per KM. This is a difference of approximately 100 times. A bike gets the equivalent of 3000 miles to the gallon!!! In fact, reasearch shows, when you factor in the carbon footprint of food production, riding an eBike has less impact than riding a normal bike (or even walking!!) as you don't need to eat so much to top up your body's energy reserves. Interesting :-)

I loved my Smart Motion e-bike and now I would like to consider buying my own! Can I purchase one of Ezy Rider?

Yes! You couldn’t do better! We are not only the agents for the Manawatu for Smart Motion and Pededgo!. This is the tried and proven “harley davidson” breed of ebikes with years of experience with out NZ designed models. We have a specialist service team (our partner NZ Trikes) who service our / your e-bikles eliminating any issues quick smart! Our team knows its stuff , we are not cowbys. NZ trikes builds its own bikes, trikes and wheel chairs. They usesthe same tried and proven Smart Motion e-cycle componentry for our disabled folk – meaning second to none techincal service, and support! On a case by case basis, possibly yes to you considering purchasing the very SM e-bike you hired and enjoyed.

I am considering buying an ebike......What are things to watch out for when shopping for eBikes?

1. Avoid batteries and Motors with less than a 2 year warranty (they must be low quality, cheapo cells or motors).
2. Avoid single level pedal-assist (SmartMotion and Pedego ebikes have an LCD consol with 5 levels of assistance to suit ALL riding styles).
3. Avoid Non-branded brakes. If it ain't shimano, avid, or tektro, forget it! Many cheap ebikes are meant only for the internal Chinese market, where safety standards are very low. We use only well-known brands.
4. Watch out for Non marine-rated handlebar connector plugs, or even worse, NO connector plugs (a nightmare should you damage a throttle, brake-sensor, etc.
5. Be wary of online-only sellers with no national dealer network. Buyer Beware!! Who will service your bike in the future? We have over 30 dealers nationally, so you'll never be let down. The only reason we have so many dealers sign up with us (5 times more than any other ebike brand in NZ) is our electric bikes are awesome, and our back up is great! We choose and specify designs that bike stores are happy to service... this involves specific design around servicability.
6. If you are in a hilly area, avoid direct-drive motors (no planetary gears)... These are the chepest electric bike motors available. They are VERY heavy! (about 2.5kg heavier than our motors!) They also have low torque on steep hills and are very inefficient at low speed. Our 250w geared motors have more hill climb pull than a 300w direct drive motor and use much less power up hills. Our 300w geared motors leave them in the dust at all speed levels! How to pick a direct drive motor? A direct drive motor will be thin with a very big diameter (300mmm or more). Geared motors are much smaller (about 125mm) and wider.
7. Check reviews... search the web... Good brands will speak for themselves. And, try before you buy.

Will spare parts be available for my eBike?

If you buy one of our bikes, yes! SmartMotion is our own, NZ-designed Brand, so we carry a full range of Parts. Pedego are now the no.1 USA electric bike brand and well understand the importance of brand reputation and hence after sales service.They have supplied us with a huge range of spare parts. A considerable part of the value of your ebike is knowing you will be able to maintain it and have guaranteed access to spare parts. We have over 30 dealers thoughout NZ and are the only electric bike brand to be supported by the cycle retail industry through quality dealers. We achieved this by proving we are in this for the long haul and can offer the back up service the industry requires...
Cheap ebikes bought direct off the importer?? What happens 1, 2, 5 years down the track when your controller/battery/motor/etc fails? The importer is no longer in existance as he ran for the hills after it all got a bit stressful... so you contact www.electricbikes.co.nz (us ) and ask for help (we get calls and emails regularly of this nature)... but, sorry, we cannot help... the components are too specific... your ebike is now just a really heavy bike. :-(
A big part of the value (and resale value) of your bike is knowing you will be able to service it and get spare parts in the future... we guarantee this service. :-)

Is there a limit to the size or power of the motor I can use?

Yes, when used on roads, bike paths and/or public access areas in New Zealand, the legal limit is 300W (we are lucky, in Aussie and the EU it is only 250w). Any so-called ‘electric bike’ in NZ with a motor rated at more than 300W is legally a Moped and must have indicators, brake light, horn, etc and you must have a driver’s license to use it.

What sort of life can I expect from the batteries?

Our advanced Lithium Polymer Battery Packs will last 3-5 years, depending on use... That said, we still have many of our orignal 2006 customers still out there on original batteries.
The fact our batteries have a 2 year warranty says it all... most other brands in NZ are 6 months to 12 months.
We say there's lithium and then there is LITHIUM! I've been to many battery factories in China and seen a large range in price and quality... and, there is no shortcuts... quality costs! We can get lithium cells for about half the cost of what we pay... but they won't last. The key is in 'batching'. In a good factory the cells are voltage tested to 5 decimal places using high temp discharge (gives the most accurate data), then batched into 'families' of exact voltages. This is cruicial to the longevity of the battery pack as it is the weakest cell that determines battery lifespan as the Battery Management System cuts output as soon as one cell reaches critical... and if cells are not perfectly matched and will sooner get out of voltage sync and certain cells will get stressed, and eventually fail.
Also, cheaper batteries aren't pre-condition-charged, so need several deep cycles to avoid intial cell damage. Our cells are deep cycled 3 times at the factpory and capacity tested to 5 decimal places, so they can also check the fractional capacity loss each charge to see if the chemistry is behaving normally.
As we say, there is lithium and then there is LITHIUM!

Can I ride in the rain?

Yes. Wisper ebikes and kits are weatherproof. Be aware though, they are NOT waterproof. Riding through deep water that submerge the motor will cause the system to fail.

What maintenance is involved?

Beyond standard bike maintenance, there is very little extra required. Just ensure moving parts are lubricated and that electrics do not get submerged.
All our electric bikes have LCD consols with self diagnostics, so, should something go wrong, e.g., a throttle is damaged when the bike falls over... you will get a specific error code on the LCD consol which will tell you what component has failed. All our components have marine rated plugs close to the component, so it is very simple to swap in new ones.
Cheap ebikes have no such plugs so a simple task becomes a day-long nightmare... unthread internal frame cables... then somehow rethread the new cable (often impossible without cutting other wires, etc)... trust me... I learned this the hard way!!